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Signs of Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation | Rat Pest Control Brisbane

Rats are a common pest that we at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control often find in residential and commercial properties across Queensland. It is important to identify rat problems early as they can cause damage to your home and spread harmful diseases. But how can you know if you have a rat problem in your property? The team at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control is here to help. As your local Brisbane pest control experts, we are experienced in dealing with rodent pest problems. In this article, we will be sharing a few warning signs for rodents that you should look out for.

Rat Droppings

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest signs to spot for potential rat infestations. Rats produce surprisingly large amounts of droppings, which can be identified by looking like a large grain of rice. Look out for rat dropping in your home as a sign for rat droppings. Have you found rat droppings in your home? Call the Brisbane pest control experts at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control.

Unusual Noises

Rats often cause unusual noises throughout your property, which is another common sign that you may have a rat infestation. Rats will often make scratching, squeaking and hissing noises at night. Listen out for these signs to see if you have a rat infestation in your property. Are you hearing noises like this at night? Contact the rat pest control experts at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control today!

Rat Nests

Another incredibly common sign of rats is a rat nest. Rats often build nests in warm, dark places away from frequent activity. The nest is also most often close to a food source, like your pantry or kitchen. A few places you could check would be behind the appliances in your kitchen, including your fridge.

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