Corrosion due to bird defecation.

Are pesky birds becoming a problem in your home or workplace? Pigeons and other birds can be problematic when they set up home in the guttering or in roof voids of houses and buildings. Their droppings are unsightly and can cause damage, their noise is often unwelcome, and they greatly increase the spread of diseases. Upwards of 60 transmittable diseases have been found to have been associated with birds including: Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease and Salmonella. Our Wildlife Technicians will remove all accessible nests, treat the area for lice and proof to prevent any birds from moving back in.

We combine years of knowledge and experience on structural bird management with the science of humane bird control. Being winged pest specialists requires astute understanding of the different species of bothersome birds, and their living and breeding habits. This knowledge is essential to which way our technicians go about remedying any particular bird control problem.

Bird netting and spiking used in combination to render problem on a large industrial building.

Bird netting and spiking used in combination to remedy a problem on a large industrial building.

Usually a trapping program is the first consideration as this allows the technician to evacuate the birds from the trouble spot. The next option is to bird proof the area in question, this can be done in a number of ways using an array of products best suited to the target species and the surrounding structural environment. This prevents any further groups of the same (or other) species populating this area.

This is a part of bird pest control that requires precise decision making in any application prescribed for the trouble area. A professional bird proofing system can be custom suited to any and all commercial, horticultural and private sectors.