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Are you interested in trapping a pesky animal? Pesky Possum’s Pest Technicians have a reputation for catching nuisance animals quickly and humanely. We can offer our trapping services for animals including:possum

  • Possums
  • Brush Turkeys
  • Birds
  • Cats
  • And Many More!

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    Possum Trapping

    Possums are a common nuisance in South-East Queensland. Should a possum become trapped or cause a disturbance in your roof, we can help. You can have one of our pest control experts attend your property to remove the possum for you. Following Government regulations, we daily monitor possum traps and ensure they are removed safely. Pesky Possum also ensures all existing entry points are blocked so they cannot return. All of our trapping complies with industry standards. Call today to discuss how we can help!

    Turkey Trapping

    pidgeon and turkeyBrush turkeys can often be found digging up beautifully tended gardens. Should you encounter this unpleasant experience, we have purpose built traps to solve the problem. A mirror inside the trap tricks male turkeys into thinking another male is invading his territory. On seeing this, he will immediately run to attack the mirror. All turkeys are relocated to at least 25 kilometers away. Once the male is taken away, the females will move on in search of another mate. Call us now to find out more about turkey trapping and removal.

    Bird Feeding and Trapping programs

    Birds and pigeons in large numbers can quickly become a nuisance. Droppings from an infestation of pigeons or other birds are unsightly and incredibly unhygienic. We have pigeon and bird trapping available when proofing or feeding programs are not viable options. If you are interested in bird trapping, please call our friendly staff today to find out how we can help.

    Cat Trap Hire

    Feral and domestic cats on your premises can be problematic. These pesky cats can often be found harassing family cats or other pets, killing wildlife, spraying and defecating on patios and in garden beds. Utilizing one of our cat traps will stop these troublesome felines and ensure your continued piece of mind. Interested in hiring a cat trap? Call one of our friendly staff today to find out more.

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