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Autumn Pests To Look Out For

Brisbane Pest Control

Have you noticed some pests creeping into your home? Don’t worry, this isn’t uncommon. Autumn brings a whole range of pests that may be looking to enter your home for a food source, warmth or shelter. Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control offer safe, professional and humane pest control services to solve your autumn pest problems. In this article, our professional pest control experts will be sharing a few of the common autumn pests you should look out for, including cockroaches, rats and rodents and ants.


Cockroaches are common all throughout the year and this certainly doesn’t stop in autumn. You are most likely to find cockroaches close to food sources, whether that be your kitchen, pantry, dining areas or outdoor BBQ spaces. Keep a look out for cockroaches throughout autumn.

Rats & Rodents

Rats and rodents are another common pest in autumn. As weather starts to cool off a little, rats will look for warm places to spend the winter in. Your home may well be the perfect candidate. Want to find our how you can spot a rat infestation in your home? Click here for one of our articles that breaks down some of the most common signs to look out for that suggests your home may have a rat problem.


Ants often invade Brisbane properties in autumn when they are searching for a safe food source close to their nests. Our pantries and kitchens are often good sources of crumbs and other food scraps, which is exactly what these ants are looking for. You can try and prevent ant infestation in your home by sealing cracks and gaps and making sure your kitchen is clear of any food scraps and crumbs.

Want to learn some other ways you can try to keep the ants out? Click here to check out some of our DIY natural pest prevention tips.

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