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Fascinating Termite Facts

One of the pests no one ever wants to find in their home is termites. Referred to as the ‘silent destroyer’, termites certainly do live up to their name! These quiet little fellas eat away at your home without you noticing, causing massive damage if left to their own devices. In our latest article, the […]

Animal Trapping in Queensland

Do you have a pesky animal taking up residence in your property? Our team at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control are here to help you! We offer animal trapping services to residents across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for a range of animals including possums, brush turkeys, birds, cats and more! […]

Brisbane Bee and Wasp Removal

Bee & Wasp Removal in Brisbane

  Bee & Wasp Removal in Brisbane When you have an infestation of bees or wasps in your home it is best to call in the professionals at Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control. We have decades of experience in safely removing and relocating your bee and wasp hive so that your property is returned […]

Keeping Snakes Away

How You Can Keep Snakes Away

Have you spotted a snake on your property? Chances are you have! Snakes are very common in Australia and almost all of us have come in contact with one at some point. Australia is also home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world, which makes it important to know what you can do […]

Brisbane Rat Control & Removal

Why Rats Are Bad for Your Home: Rats and mice are some of the worst pests you can have infecting your home. As many of us know, rats carry a variety of harmful diseases. Plus, rats and mice are known to leave behind harmful droppings and even chew through your home’s walls, flooring and electrical […]

Turkey Removal and Relocation in Brisbane

Australian brush turkeys can be an annoying menace. They dig up garden beds, destroy vegetable patches, and spread leaves across footpaths and lawns. These troublesome turkeys are native to Australia however, and are a protected species. This means, often the only way to stop them tearing up your yard is to catch them and have […]

Pests To Look Out For in the Australian Summer

Today is the first day of the Australian summer. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t just bring beautiful weather and sunny beach days to us, but also a LOT of pests. Summertime is the most active period of the year for pests in Australia. This is because as the weather heats up it becomes ideal for pests to […]

Pesky Possum – Your Local Possum, Bird and Pest Control Specialists

Pesky Possum – Your Local Possum, Bird and Pest Control Specialists

  For over 20 years, the expert team at Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control have been proudly serving the people of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We offer a range of services in possum, bird and pest control.  No matter what your concern, Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control have the Answer! […]

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