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Pests To Look Out For During Floods!

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With the severe storm weather lashing the east coast of Australia, many residents across Southern Queensland and New South Wales have been finding unwelcome guests tucked into their garages, roofs, basements and even bedrooms! These little critters can’t help it, they are just trying to escape the flash flooding that has been impacting so many across our country. However, there are some pests you needs to look out for during massive flooding events and even heavy rainfall to help keep you and your family safe in your home. In this article the Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control team are going to be taking a look at some of the pests you need to keep an eye out for during flooding.



  • Snakes


Each time we experience a flooding event here in Eastern Australia you will notice a number of snake photos pop up all over the news and social media. Snakes flee flood water and find comfortable resting spots all over your home, but most often in garages, basements, roofs and attics. Sometimes, they have even been found to jump aboard SES life rafts! Keep an eye out for snakes in your home and on your property if you are experiencing flooding.



  • Spiders


During flooding events spiders seem to pop out of everywhere. In search of higher ground, spiders will often travel in swarms, invading all kinds of spaces in your home. If you have spiders taking up residence in your home try these DIY spider control tips from our previous blog.



  • Termites


Termites are known to thrive in damp environments, and that doesn’t spell good news for your home! Whenever heavy rainfall occurs there is an increased risk of termites entering your home. Check out our 5 signs that termites are in your home blog to see some ways that you can use to test if termites have invaded your property.



  • Rats & Mice


Just like all other creatures, rats and mice do anything they can to get away from the rising water levels of flood weather. Floods drive rats and mice out of their natural habitats and into your home, which isn’t something any of us want! Rats and mice bring bacteria and germs into your home, which is why it is important to keep a watchful eye out for any pesky home invaders. 



  • Ants


Ants are another pesky pest you need to keep a watch for during a flood. Ants flee their nests to get to higher, safer ground. This ground is usually a nice, cozy human home! If you have ants taking up residence in your Brisbane home you can try these tips from the Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control team on how to get rid of ants from your home.


What About You?

Have you seen any of these home invaders during a flood? Call the Brisbane pest control experts at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control. Our pest control team is always here to help. Stay safe during this flood season!