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5 Signs Termites Are In Your Home

5 Signs of Termites

5 Signs Termites Are In Your Home

With winter underway in Australia, many of us believe that common household pests like termites are no longer a problem. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Termites can be just as active during the colder winter months as they are in summer, and that is bad news for your home.

In this article the expert team at Pesky Possum Pest Control are taking a look at the 5 common signs that termites may be in your home to help you keep a look out and keep your home safe this winter.


1. Hollow Sounding Wood

This one is pretty obvious, but it really is a great way to work out if something is going wrong inside the wood of your home! Termites begin eating the wood of your home from the inside out, which is why homeowners usually find them by accidentally putting a foot or hand through their wall a little too easily! This is what makes this one of the easiest ways to find out if termites are eating your home. Try knocking softly on walls, floors or the ceilings of your home and listen for a hollow sound. If your wooden surface sounds hollow that is a good sign you are dealing with termites in your home.


2. Windows or Doors Are Now Hard To Open

Another sign that you may have termites in your home in winter is if your windows or doors are becoming hard to open. Although this problem can also occur during hot summer months from heat and moisture in the air, in winter this may be caused by termites! This is due to the fact that termites produce moisture while eating through your home, which causes the wood to warp into different shapes. If your windows or doors are beginning to become hard to open this is a sign of the wood warping, which in winter is often caused by termites. Keep an eye out for termites if you are experiencing this problem with windows and doors in your home!


3. Termite Droppings

This is by far one of the easiest ways to spot termite infestation in your home. Termites move their waste droppings to the entrances of the tunnels they are creating in your home. It will be easy to spot termite infestations by looking for areas with small black marks or even a dark powder like substance. The termites we have in Australia will always move their waste to the entrance/exit of the area of your home they are eating. Be on the lookout for this during winter this year.


4. That Clicking Noise

Believe it or not, those tiny termite creatures sure make a racket if you press you ear up against the wall! Termites like to eat loud, so you can actually hear them eating your home if you listen closely to an area you suspect to be infested. Some types of termites even purposefully shake their bodies to warn the other termites of possible danger! Listen closely to areas of your home to work out if you have a termite infestation you need to get rid of.


5. Small Holes In Drywall

Our last sign and one of the best ways to determine if you have a termite infestation is to look out for small holes in your drywall. This is always a tell-tale sign that you have termites burying into your home and getting to work. If you spot signs of holes in your home it is time to call a professional before it is too late!


What Do You Think?

What do you think about our 5 warning signs for termites in the Australian winter? Are you finding any of these signs inside your home? If you are, you can contact the expert team at Pesky Possum Pest Control by clicking here.