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Possums can be very crafty animals. Residents of North Lakes often need the assistance of possum removal experts to get rid of them from their homes.

Oddly enough, a possum is categorized as both pest and as a protected animal under Queensland law. Most people from Brisbane would agree that its case is one for the books. Not only is it bizarre, to say the least, it also complicates possum removal not only in North Lakes but all around Australia. As in the case of other pests, which you can often exterminate on the spot, things are very different when it comes to possums. Due to legalities it is essential to tread gently when it comes to getting rid of possums.

    Got a Pesky Problem?


    Possums, despite all the nasty things said about them, play an important role in maintaining the flora and fauna of South-East Queensland. They have lived in the Great South-East for aeons longer than we have, from well before North Lakes even existed. They play their role in the complex web that makes up the Australian ecosystem.

    Yes, possums are an asset to our environment. However, as much as the possums are helping our ecological balance, the fact still remains the same. When one of these possums comes into our North Lakes homes, they become a certified pests themselves. While it is legal in New Zealand where possums are an introduced species to trap and kill them, in Australia this is not the case.

    That is why possum removal has become as complex as it is. With other pest you can trap and kill with no legal issues, possums however must be treated differently. As per legal requirement possums must be caught in a safe and humane manner. They are not allowed to be harmed or killed once caught, and must be released within a certain distance of where they are caught. Laws are different based on your location and local laws, however in North Lakes they should not be released more than 50 meters from where they are caught.

    A Challenge for North Lakes Residents

    It can be quite a laborious process simply to remove the possums from your premises. For ordinary individual this if often asking too much. This is why the services of the team at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control are so valuable to residents of North Lakes. For guaranteed possum removal, we are a professional pest company who can handle the task for you. Have us do your dirty work for you. This way you won’t have to stress and the job will be done right, the first time. Let the experts take care of these time consuming matters so you can spend your time on other things. Contact the possum control experts on 1300 767 786 or fill in the contact form above to get in touch. In no time everything will be taken care of and you will be spared of the problems that coincide with removing possums.