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What To Do If You See A Snake

Snake Catchers Brisbane | What To Do If You See A Snake

Snakes aren’t uncommon throughout Australia. In fact, there are more than 140 species of land snakes that have been found in Australia, with more than 100 of these being venomous. With so many snakes around, it is likely that you will encounter one from time to time. With snakes being venomous it is very important to know exactly what you need to do if you encounter a snake on your property. At Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control, we provide professional snake removal services that are safe and effective. In this blog article we will be sharing a few tips on what you should do if you encounter a snake.

Tip 1: Stay Still

In almost every case, the snake is more scared of you than you are of it. This is why it is important to not make any sudden movements that could startle or frighten the snake in a way that triggers an aggressive response. If you see a snake, be sure to stay still and slowly back away from the snake.

Tip 2: Stay Away From The Snake

Many people will try and remove the snake themselves. This can be incredibly dangerous. Many snakes that inhabit South East Queensland are highly venomous, so trying to remove them on your own can lead to you being bitten!

Tip 3: Call A Snake Removal Professional

Once you are safe it is time to call a snake removal professional. In South East Queensland there is no better team to trust than Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control. Our licensed snake catchers will come to your property whenever you need us as part of our 24/7 snake removal services. In addition to finding and catching the snake, they can also help you to reduce the risk of snakes in your home or workplace by assessing snake entry points and even providing you with comprehensive first aid information.

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