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Keeping Possums Away From Your Home this Spring

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A brushtail possum and its baby eating a piece of pineapple Pesky Possum Pest ControlPossums are found all around Australia. The brushtail possums are among the versatile and most adaptable of marsupials found in Australia, and happily surrender their traditional homes in the trees to live in suburbia. Often you’ll find these interesting creatures living in roof cavities or under floorboards in raised houses. Sleeping through the day and scampering around during the night hours.

During the night possums come from their hiding places in search of food. You might hear them during the night on your roof top or see them climbing on the tree tops, and along the fences and power lines. They generally try and avoid commuting along the ground because of the dangers posed by dogs, foxes and other animals when exposed, but you will also sometimes see them eating or traversing down low when higher pathways are not available.

While possums are wary of humans and do them little harm, they can actually make quite a nuisance of themselves by eating fruits, vegetables and your flowers in your gardens and they may decide to take up residence inside the ceiling of your home. If this has happened to you, take a look at our post about how to get rid of possums from inside the ceiling of your home, to find out how to fix the issue.

Unlike with many other animals, winter is breeding season for possums. This means that in spring all the babies are starting to grow up, and looking for new places to live away from their parents. When a brushtail possum manages to get its head into any space then it is able to squeeze the rest of its body too. If your home has any openings into roof cavities it is highly likely a possum will let itself in, creating a lot of noise and an ongoing problem for you and your family.

That said, by taking just a few simple steps these possums can be rendered harmless and can actually become a welcome sight. First of all however, it is important to possum proof your house. Seal off any entry points into your home or even provide a nest for them in a tree nearby, so they will keep away from your house.

Possums walking along the top of a fence Pesky Possum Pest Control
Possums prefer to walk above the ground, rather than along it.

Possum-proofing your roof should be a part of your every maintenance program, especially in areas with large populations of the marsupial such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Many homeowners however do not even consider it until they are woken up by possum feet in the middle of the night.

Possums in your ceiling can leave your roof stained, stinky and dirty. It is not a good idea to let possums continue to live in your ceiling even in they aren’t bothering you because they may eat through electrical wiring, and their feces and urine is unhygienic. Now that we are entering spring, ensure that you have possum-proofed your home, so you will never be woken up at night by the sounds of possums partying in your roof.

If you discover any kind opening into your roof space seal it off, but first ensure that there are no possums trapped inside. Allow the possums to exit before you block the entrance, and if possible, provide an alternative shelter for them. Possums also know when your fruit and the vegetables are ready for harvesting and they will often do the harvest before you can. Don’t let them enjoy the fruits of your labour (pun intended) before your do!

They are very agile and good climbers, so it can be quite difficult to stop them from getting to your garden. For the safety of your vegetable patch, enclose any vulnerable trees and plants in loose hanging chicken wire. Possums do not like to climb on fences that are not secure, so they will not attempt to climb something unstable. This should ensure you get to enjoy your vegetables, fruits and flowers this harvest season.

For more information on possum control and proofing, get in touch with the experienced wildlife gurus at Pesky Possum Pest Control. We’re always happy to give advice and help the residents of our wonderful home in South-East Queensland. Contact us on 1300 767 786, servicing Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast since 1988!