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Humane Turkey Removal & Relocation

Brisbane Turkey Removal

Have you got a pesky turkey on your property? Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control are here to help. We offer a professional turkey removal and relocation service across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Turkeys are a protected species, so it is important to handle them with care and respect during the relocation process. In this latest blog, the Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control team will be breaking down more about our humane turkey removal and relocation process.

Why Turkeys Are Entering Your Property

Over the last century, humans have been encroaching on turkeys’ habitats across South East Queensland. Due to their protected status and lack of natural predators, turkey populations have been growing exponentially. Many turkeys are spreading out and entering our properties in search of space and a new habitat.

Once turkeys enter your property they can cause a bit of a mess. Turkeys are known to dig up garden beds, destroy vegetable patches and spread leaves across your footpath or lawn. If you have a pesky turkey problem simply get in touch with the turkey removal experts at Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control.

Our Turkey Removal & Relocation Process

Removal and relocation is the best way to solve your turkey problem due to their protected status. At Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control we are here to help with our professional and humane turkey removal and relocation process. Once a destructive, captured turkeys is relocated, we guarantee it will not return to your garden! This is the best result for you, your property and your pesky turkey.

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Do you need a professional bird proofing service for your home, office, or business? We offer a professional, effective, and humane bird proofing service across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Our team is here to help you with any of your pest control needs. Call us today on 1300 767 786. You can also contact our team through our website by clicking here.

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