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The Common Australian Brushtail Possum.
The Common Australian Brushtail Possum.
Australia’s Common Brushtail Possum.

Possums are marsupials and are natives of Australia, Sulawesi and New Guinea. They have also been introduced into New Zealand and China. Possums are nocturnal and generally like to live in areas with trees, as they are part arboreal. Their numerous species inhabit most vegetated environments and a number of them have adjusted well to living in an urban setting. As suburbia encroaches on their traditional habitats, common possum species in Australia, most notably the common brushtail possum and the mountain brushtail possum, have adapted to living in a constructed suburban landscape. In Brisbane, possums are regularly found taking up residence in house roofs and other areas where they feel safe to sleep during the day. Often they can be hard to remove and keep out once their entry points have been discovered. Legislation against the relocation of possums to far away areas means it it necessary to seal off entry points completely to keep possums out once they have take up residence.

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