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Wood Borers or Timber Borers
Two Timber Wood Borers.
Wood Borers or Timber Borers.

Borers, also known as Woodboring beetles, is the collective term given to the various beetle species who consume wood as the main part of their diet. Most of the time borers live on dying or dead trees. For this reason they are an important part of the ecosystem, aiding in the breakdown of weaker trees and allowing new growth to occur. While these beetles are fantastic in forest systems to help with the decomposition of rotting wood, when they get into your home it’s another story. There are around 300 different species of woodboring beetles in domestic woodwork, but only 7 of these are commonly found. Many will only feed on living wood, so sometimes the beetles can be found present in timber after a recent construction, but the timber may not be in trouble of being eaten apart. Should you notice holes in your timber or suspect an infestation of these pests it would be best to consult a professional entomologist before contacting an exterminator to determine the extent of your problem.