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Common Bird Problems to Look Out For

Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control | Common Bird Problems to Look Out For

Most birds are potential pests because they destroy crops, or are simply a nuisance to homeowners. Some of the pest birds such as parrots, finches, pigeons, sparrows, chimney swifts and more are among the most annoying and destructive. In fact, pest birds account for millions annually in terms of repairs in Australia. The most targeted areas by birds include buildings, roof, automobiles, ventilation systems and much more. But which are the main problems caused by these pests? Our team rounded up the main damages caused by birds and why you need to get rid of them.

Birds Pest Control North Brisbane

Damage to the Roof from Droppings

Bird feces are extremely acidic thus making it dangerous. They typically eat away at various substrates, mainly tar-based roofing. If these droppings are left to assemble on the roof, they will end up eating the material and finally, create leaks. Light but constant dropping can significantly reduce the lifespan of the ceiling.

Damage to Homes from Nests

The nest can create a mess to homes. Some of them build their nest in drains, roof corners and gutters. If in any case, this nest blocks the drains, water can get back into the roof and leak into the home. Also, if they block the ventilation system, diseases from droppings or the birds themselves can find their way into the living areas. The blockage can also lead to building up of carbon monoxide due to lack of proper ventilation.

Bird Damage to Machinery

The acidic droppings can cause severe damage to industrial machinery, insulation, air conditioning equipment, siding etc. These damages do not only occur to the equipment but also to workers from being exposed to threatening health risks. This can happen when they work on or around the equipment.

Bird Droppings Machinery Damage Pest Control North Brisbane

Automobile Finishes Damaged By Bird Droppings

Bird droppings, especially the pigeon and gull, can cause damage to car paint. It fades the paint by eating into the protective coating. Within a short time, you will come to realise that your automobile is fading.  If the droppings are left to sit on the paint longer, more damage can result. 

Fire Started By Bird Nests

Birds make their nest using materials which are combustible. This is due to birds using twigs, dried droppings and straw. When birds construct their nest inside electric equipment, there is a serious risk of fire. This has caused many fires in homes and businesses.

Collapsed Ceiling

Birds, like pigeons, are known for entering attics of apartments, houses, restaurants and other buildings via openings that were never sealed off. In many cases, these birds build their nest in these places and dump their bodily waste. Due to frequent droppings, the weight becomes high resulting in the ceiling collapsing.

Take action and have these pests under control.