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Australia. Everything here can kill you.

Australian animals Pesky Possum Pest Control

Australia Is Dangerous

Australia is renowned for the high frequency of shark attacks that happen in its coastal waters, and the large numbers of venomous snakes and spiders that reside here. However it is also home to a number of other killers which you may not know so much about. Many a tourists have waned in fear at the thought of Australia’s plethora of large and scary spiders, but that should be the least of their worries.

Pesky Possum have come across our fair share of creepy crawlies, slithering serpents and all types of crazy looking native Australian lizards and mammals of all shapes and sizes. Luckily we’ve got a bit of experience in dealing with pests and critters so we’ve managed to survive. But what are your chances when faced with a deadly animal?

Take a look below to see for yourself just how dangerous living in Australia really is!

Pests of Australia

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