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3 Reasons to Call Snake Professionals

Brisbane Snake Catchers | 3 Reasons to Call Snake Professionals

Australia is known for being home to some of the world’s most venomous land snakes, making encounters with these reptiles a concern for many residents. While snakes play an essential role in maintaining ecological balance, there are instances when their presence poses risks to humans, pets, and even the snakes themselves. As much as snakes generally prefer to avoid human contact, unexpected encounters can happen, and it’s crucial to handle them responsibly. In such situations, calling experts in snake handling and removal becomes imperative. In this blog, we’ll discuss three compelling reasons why reaching out to licensed snake-catchers is the best course of action.

Professional Expertise and Safety

Handling snakes requires specific knowledge, skills, and experience, as any incorrect approach can lead to dangerous consequences. Attempting to catch or kill a snake without proper training significantly increases the risk of snakebites, which can be life-threatening. By calling professional snake-catchers, you ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your pets.

Licensed snake-catchers are highly skilled individuals with years of experience in dealing with various snake species. They know how to approach snakes without provoking them, minimising the likelihood of a defensive response. Additionally, these experts can accurately identify the snake species, which is crucial for determining the appropriate course of action. Armed with the right tools and techniques, they can safely capture the snake and relocate it to a more suitable habitat away from human-populated areas.

Adherence to Legal and Ethical Guidelines

In Australia, all snakes are protected wildlife under Federal Law. Interfering with snakes without the appropriate license is illegal and carries heavy penalties. By calling professional snake-catchers, you ensure compliance with these laws, protecting both yourself and the wildlife.

Licensed snake-catchers operate within a framework of ethical guidelines and conservation principles. They understand the importance of preserving wildlife and ensuring that snakes are relocated to appropriate environments where they can continue to contribute to the ecosystem without posing a risk to humans.

Comprehensive Services and First-Aid Knowledge

Beyond snake removal and relocation, professional snake-catchers offer a range of valuable services to help you deal with snake encounters effectively. They can provide expert advice on reducing the risk of snakes around your home and workplace, including identifying potential snake hazards and entry points into buildings.

Moreover, licensed snake-catchers possess in-depth knowledge of snake-bite first-aid. In case of an unfortunate snakebite incident, they can guide you through the immediate steps to take before medical help arrives. This knowledge can be life-saving and ensures that the right measures are taken to mitigate the effects of the snake’s venom.

Contact Your Trusted Snake Professionals

Encountering a snake can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially in a country like Australia, known for its venomous reptiles. While most snakes would prefer to avoid humans, there are times when professional intervention becomes necessary for the safety of everyone involved. Calling licensed snake-catchers ensures that encounters with snakes are managed responsibly, minimising the risks and protecting both humans and these valuable wildlife species.

At Pesky Possum, we take pride in our certified and professional snake catchers who are available 24/7 to handle any snake emergency in the Brisbane area. We prioritise safety and conservation, ensuring that snakes are relocated to suitable habitats while providing expert advice to minimise the risk of future encounters. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1300 767 786 or use our convenient online quoting and booking facility if you spot a troublesome snake in your vicinity. Let the experts handle it and put your mind at ease.