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What Possum Fur is Used For

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It is no secret that many products worldwide are made of something coming from an animal. With leather and fur being so versatile there are virtually countless combinations of merchandise these materials can be formed into. This becomes a controversial concept since the moral ways which brings these creations about vary tremendously. The Australian Brushtail Possum, from the bush of New Zealand, is responsible for the makeup of over 53 styles of possum fur use.

hand touching a possum fur product

The fabrications made from the possum are a result of an attempt to control their population outbreak throughout the country. Since the forefathers of New Zealand brought the possum over from Australia with the intent to trade fur, the population of the marsupial exploded. The native wildlife of New Zealand began to struggle tremendously. The possum over-ate trees and commenced the endangerment of multiple species of native birds. With the ecosystem of New Zealand slowly being depleted of its flora-fauna, the decision of how to return the natural balance quickly grew to become a rock and a hard place for the government in regards to protecting their people and their land. The fur trade continues into the present day and is now the main source of income for hundreds of New Zealand citizens.

The extensive product line within the possum fur trade business brings in an average of $130 million each year. Nothing short of quality is provided from the bush to your hands. Just about everything you can imagine, from extra-homey comforts to clothing and even keychains, is stitched into unique handiworks for you to enjoy or gift to a loved one.

Blankets and Cushions

possum fur blanket lying on the couchThe variety of blankets include three thicknesses of knitted blankets, heavy comforters for the bedspread, and the small, yet substantial, sofa throws. The sofa throws and heavy comforters are made from the skins of the Australian Brushtail Possum. These serve well as barriers from the bitter winter months both in the bedroom and any family room/Living room. Possum fur is knit together to form Delux, midway, and lightweight blankets that prove as perfect for a chilly rainy day, traveling on an air-conditioned flight, or on long cool car rides. They are great for both at home and on-the-go. Bed footers, chair pillows, and knee rugs are a few unique items that are a part of the home collection designed to bring a mix of comfort and style to your home.

Family Wear

possum fur slippersThe soft fur of the Australian Brushtail Possum makes it the ideal material for clothing geared towards the cold winter months in New Zealand. There are styles and sizes for men, women, and children, bringing the entire family closer together and showing up in full style. Hats, beanies, berets, bucket hats, and cheese cutter caps bring uniqueness to your choice of headwear. Other headgear includes headbands, oilskin hats for men and women, ear muffs, as well as, leather caps. It is pertinent not to neglect the neck and shoulders when bundling up. Scarves, infinity scarves, boa collars, loop collars, shoulder warmers, and capes present a new level of warmth and comfort to meet high fashion. These items come in both skins and knitted materials. Fingerless, as well as, the typical gloves have been knitted together with a creative balance of color and design for the hands of men, women, and children alike. Other knitted winter clothing entails mittens, sweaters, ponchos, vests, waist vests, socks, leg warmers, slippers, and cute little baby booties. Vests, waist vests, and some slippers are also made of possum skins. Possum skins are also carefully crafted into clogs, moccasins, shoe innersoles, boot liners, and baby booties. Surely, there is something winter-ready to find for the entire family.

Assorted products

possum fur floor carpetThere really is no limit to what can be made with possum fur and skin. A variety of miscellaneous items fill the possum fur product line and provide for needs of large and small scaled proportions. If you are in need of trinkets for your car there are seat belt protectors, key chains, and warmth-support belts for those long winter drives. Pom poms for the hair and puppets are made especially for children to enjoy. Covers for the hottie bottle that sits at the foot of your bed are a soft touch to your bare toes. Other souvenirs include full possum tails for $3, colored possum fur scraps at $15 apiece, as well as, intact possum skins which sell for around $50 each. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person the yarn made from the fur of the Australian Brushtail Possum is the type of product that is right up your alley. With yarn being extremely versatile, the sky is the limit for creations that you can bring to reality that will have that extra special touch literally knit into the fibers of its being.

Local Retailers

possum fur blanketOnline shopping is a major way of purchasing daily necessities nowadays. However, there are still some shoppers and retailers who prefer the originality of the physical store. Whether it is for the ambiance, the hands-on experience, or the homey personal touch, the sense of collecting a treasure from its original inhabitance becomes a priceless memory to your beautiful life story. There are ten major stores throughout the beautiful country of New Zealand in which their products specialize in possum fur make-up. In the south Island of New Zealand, three stores are planted on opposite sides of the Island. Possum People and Fur Dressers & Dyers are located just south of Greymouth and The Tin Shed is directly north of Timaru. The remaining seven reside in the North Island with three north and four in the south. Environmental Products NZ is established in between New Plymouth and Hawera, The Wool Company is north of Bulls on highway 1, and Basically Bush is immediately East of Palmerston North. The remaining possum fur retailers consist of Dawson Furs near Poroporo and Whakatane and Wear New Zealand and The Mohair & Possum Store located north and south of Mount Wellington.


As a result of population overgrowth, the thriving business of possum fur trade has flourished beyond all expectations. This specialty fur is now referred to as “eco-fur” in order to promote the perspective that in buying these products the ecosystem of New Zealand is one step closer to being restored to its natural order. Taking a stand for the environment you live in is admirable beyond description no matter what form that comes in. For those of you who are partial to animal skin and fur products, perhaps these are the creations best to take into consideration. The life of an animal should never be taken in vain. So, choose wisely when you are capturing memories throughout your adventures in your life-long journey.