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The Warning Signs For Termite Damage

Signs of termites

 The Warning Signs For Termite Damage

Termites are a big business because they can do some serious harm to our homes and because they are very common. Surveys show that up to a third of all homes are dealing with termite problems as you read this.

That’s only the number of incidences that are known. Studies show that at least ⅔ of all Australian homes will experience termite trouble within their lifetimes.

It’s important to know what it looks like when you have a termite infestation to prevent any undue damage and we’ll definitely get to that.

First, though, we want to make an important point –

Termites Infestation Pest Control North Brisbane

Get your home inspected for Termites

It’s a smart idea to get your home inspected regularly to ensure your home is safe from these nasties.

We’ll tell you some of the things you can keep an eye out for yourself. However, it’s best to have an expert who is knowledgeable in the various termite species and trained in the most current methods of inspection, control methods and extermination.

Termites can be very difficult to detect, with large colonies sometimes living up to 40 centimeters below your home’s foundation or within the very walls of the home.

You want someone well trained to look for them and control for them. It costs far less than dealing with repairs afterwards — especially since termite damage isn’t insured against.

Signs of Termites

Pest Control North BrisbaneWith that said, here are a number of signs you can look out for to know if there are termites in or around your home. If you see these, be sure to call a professional as soon as you are able to.

Termite Swarmers

Mature colonies will make swarmers that leave the nest either in the spring or in the fall. Precisely when depends both on weather conditions and the particular species in question.

Swarms on the outside of home are often missed because they usually don’t last long and happen in the morning or afternoon — when owners may not be around.

Shed Wings

Those mature termites leaving the nest to start new colonies actually discard their wings not long after flying off. Swarms may happen inside or outside, so be alert in either location.

You may find small piles of wings about. It’s common to find them in spider webs or on surfaces like window sills around the home’s foundation.

Mud Tubes

Termite Mud Tubes Pest Control North BrisbaneTermites that live underground build mud tubes to bridge the gap between them and the wood they consume. They’re made of wood, soil, and other debris. They’re used to conserve moisture and afford them protection.

Termite Mounds

An obvious sign of a termite infestation is a termite mound. There are millions of these earthen structures rising from the ground across northern Australia.

Termite Waste

Anything that eats must produce waste. Drywood termites produce frass or droppings after eating, which indicate their presence.

Pellets get kicked out of holes. These pellets often end up in piles on baseboards, window sills and under wooden furniture.

Drywall Damage

Termite Drywall Damage Pest Control North BrisbaneIf you find holes in your drywall, they may very well be exit holes created by the termites. Extensive damage to the wood beneath can even produce ripples in the drywall. If you see this, do not hesitate to consult help.

Damage Wood

If you have suspicions of termite infestation, try testing out the suspect wood by knocking on it with the back of a screwdriver. If it sounds hollow when knocked, or feels soft when prodded by a sharp object, termites may have been to blame for that.

Armed with these signs, you can now be on the lookout for any signs of termite trouble. Take a look here for more information on protection against termites, and always remember; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To save time and money down the line, take measures to secure your home against termites.