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The Importance of Termite Protection

Termites are dangerous little creatures for your home, and they can do some serious damage if left unchecked! Our friends at Pest Control Southside have published a great article on the importance of termite prevention, particularly in the Brisbane area!  Check out the article below:


Termites are some of the biggest threats to Brisbane homeowners. The hot and humid climate for most of the year provides perfect breeding grounds for these destructive pests. These timber-munching monsters cause billions of dollars of damages to homeowners in Australia every year. That is why termite prevention is imperative.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the reasons why termite pest control in Brisbane is crucial. We have also rounded up some of the best treatments for these pests. But before we get to that, let’s check out how Brisbane homeowners are at risk of termite infestations.

hot and humid climate infested with termites pest control southside


Brisbane Climate Condition

One of the main reasons why Brisbane and its suburbs are among the most prone to the termite infestation is the climate condition. That is why termite prevention measures and regular termite inspections are highly recommended for Brisbane homeowners. The hot and humid climate in Brisbane provides a perfect breeding ground for termites. The possibilities of your property being infested by termites in Brisbane is very high compared to most regions in Australia.


Importance Of Termite Prevention

The importance of termite prevention in Brisbane cannot be under-emphasized. With so many termite swarms Brisbane lurking in the neighbourhood, you cannot afford to take chances. For some people, termite control is about protecting the property from damage. But that is just one thing. There are many other reasons why termite prevention is important.


To Avoid Structure Damages

a piece of furniture damaged by termites Property damage is one of the biggest reasons why termite prevention is important. When these pests attack a home, the main thing that they do is weakening the structure of the house. Wood is the main food for termites and being the main part of the house structure in Brisbane, then termite control in Brisbane is paramount. So if you want to keep your house structure strong and steady, then you must put in place termite prevention measures.


Avoid Furniture Damage

Termites attack anything that is made out of wood. That is why when they get into the house, these pesky pests munch all your furniture including your kitchen cabinets. The damages on the furniture will cost you a lot of money in repairs or replacement if the damage is beyond repair. Note that termite infestation happens silently and before you know, the damage is already done. That is why prevention is the best way to go rather than treatment.


Maintain Value For Property

Another reason for controlling termites is to retain and improve the value of the property. So if you are planning to sell the property in the future or get a loan from it, pest control is one of the key things that will be looking at. So having proper termite protection is very crucial to maintaining the value of the property. Termites can bring the entire house down if they are not controlled. It is important for homeowners to know that once termites infest a property, it is costly and difficult to get rid of them. Homes with a history of termite infestations are also likely to have lower prices. That’s why prevention is crucial.


Termite Treatment Zones

Winged individuals of termite pest control southsideInstalling an external barrier is one of the most effective termite pest control methods in Brisbane. It is a technique that involves the treatment of the soil next to your home to keep away these pests. That includes the soil under the slab which should be done as part of the pre-construction termite protection. With external termite treatment zone, you create a physical-chemical barrier that kills termites before reaching your home. It is super-effective, especially for Brisbane homeowners. Even if your foundation is treated, consider having a chemical treated belt or external perimeter to web your house.

If you are building a new home, you should start with termite control before construction of the actual structure. There are pre-construction termite protection measures that can help you get the most out of your pest control. The treatment includes applying termiticide to the soil during the initial phases of construction. The aim is to protect the foundation of the house from termites in the future.

Don’t wait till the signs of termite destruction can be seen since the damage will have already been done. Hire a termite control specialist to handle prevention.


Benefits Of Active Termite Prevention System

With termite threat in Australia outstripping that of rodents, spiders, and cockroaches combined, then active termite prevention system is the best strategy to deal with these pesky pests. What you need is a regular termite inspection to keep your house free of these pests. The recommended inspection duration is after every 12 months.

It is also important for homeowners to remember that home warranty is dependent on their termite inspection. To remain under warranty, you must have a termite inspection completed after every 12 months. That is why maintaining an active termite prevention system is crucial for Brisbane homeowners.

For new home buyers, a termite pest inspection is crucial prior to purchasing a property in Brisbane. We recommend that you hire a pest control specialist using the latest technology for full termite check. Do not rely on superficial termite inspection since it has proven ineffective.


What To Do If You Spot Termites?

If you spot termite swarms near your home, there are a number of things that you need to. The first thing that should come into your mind is that you are most like to be the target. However, you should not panic. Do not even try to spray them with insect spray since that will not offer a solution. Also, do not try to seal the holes either. This is what you should:

  • Try to contain them. You can try to reduce the number of termites coming out of the hole. Attaching a clear plastic baggie over the exit hole would be a perfect way of minimizing the spread of swarms.
  • Vacuum them. This is one of the DIY techniques that have been found works very well. Vacuum them in a bag and when full, throw it into the garbage and all termites in it will die.
  • Call a pest control expert to handle the termites. No DIY technique can get rid of termites completely. That is why we always recommend that you call a termite control specialist to handle the problem.

Termite pest control Brisbane is crucial for homeowners for many reasons. Apart from protecting your house and furniture, termite control also keeps under warranty. Contact Pest Control Southside if you need to hire a reputable and experienced termite pest control expert in Brisbane Southside to deal with the problem.