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Most Common Pests In Winter

Common winter pests | Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control


Most Common Pests In Winter

Winter is coming and in Australia that doesn’t mean you get to take a break from household pests! Unlike what many Australians believe, pests don’t stop during winter, some even become more active! That is why it is crucial for all of us to be mindful of what pests we need to be looking out for. Our team at Pesky Possum Pest Control have created the ultimate Australian winter pest list to help you get on top of the pests that could invade your home this winter. With the list you will be prepared for anything!


1. Mice, Rats & Rodents

Winter is peak season for mice, rats and rodents in Australia. As they are warm blooded, they spend winter looking for warm & cosy spots to stay warm. These spots are usually in your home.


2. Spiders

When the weather starts getting colder spiders instinctively begin looking for somewhere to spend the winter. Leaves and burrows are great, but nothing compared to your warm, comfortable home. Look out for invading spiders this winter.


3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are most active in summer but that doesn’t mean a break in winter. Cockroaches are active all year round! Cockroaches carry germs all through your house and can be unhealthy. 


4. Bedbugs

Bedbugs live almost exclusively where it is warm, and in winter that is your home! Plus, bed bugs spread more actively during the winter months, meaning you have to be in the lookout!


5. Termites

Termites really stay active all year round. As they thrive in warmer temperatures, termites look for warmer climates by digging underground or invading nearby homes.


6. Ants

Homes provide ideal homes for ants during winter, being a place with constant warmth and often a good food source as well.


What Do You Think?

What do you think about our Australian winter pest list? Are there some surprises in here? Many Australians are not aware of just how many pests stay active and even become more mobile during the winter months. If you are experiencing pest problems, you can reach out to the expert team at Pesky Possum Pest Control on our contact page by clicking here.