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handymanThe Pesky Possum Team can help you with all kinds of pest control but did you know we also offer handyman services for those in need of cleaning, repair and installation jobs. Do you require a handyman to help you with odd jobs around the home?

Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Our team are all highly skilled at performing all kinds of handyman services and can help you with almost any issue you may have.

Following are some of the jobs we can assist with:

Roof Repairs – Are your roof tiles or sheets cracked, loose or damaged? If the problem is not too extensive our team can assist in repairing your roof to stop leaks and make them look right again.

Gutter Cleaning – Do your gutters overflow when it rains? Are your drainpipes clogged with leaves? Our team can clean your gutters and take steps to stop leaves clogging them up ever again.

Fence Repair – Are your palings loose or damaged? We can help you repair your fence and make it look like new again!

Clothes Line Installation – Need to put a clothes line up? Our handyman team can help you put you clothes line up exactly where you want it, today!

Carpentry Repairs – Are there cracks or holes in your walls? Call us for a quote on having one of our handyman team come out and patch up your problem.

Hanging Doors – Need to hang a door but aren’t confident enough to do it yourself? Call us for a free quote and leave it to the experts. Door hanging problems? No problem!

Leaking Taps and Toilets – Our Handymen can help with minor plumbing issues like leaking taps and toilets. No need to pay a plumber your weekly earnings just to get a leaking tap fixed. Call us today for a quote!

These are just a few of the services we can help you with. If you have other random odd jobs that you could use a handyman for, give us a call to find out if and how we can help. We’re happy to drop by and take a look at the problem for you and give you a free, no obligation quote. All our jobs come with a guarantee and we know you’ll be happy with our friendly, professional service. If the job you require is beyond the scope of what we can do, we might be able to make a recommendation for someone who will be able to help. Because we have been working in the local area for so many decades we have a strong network with many Brisbane business owners, especially in service industries like gas fitters, plumbing, hot water system and air conditioning installaters etc. Feel free to ask if you’re looking for any particular service or check out some of our recommended local businesses on our About Us page.

So what are you waiting for? Get those issues you’ve been wanting fixed for ever sorted out today. Call our handyman team, we’re waiting for your call!