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Brisdigital: Our Brisbane SEO and Marketing Agency

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Brisdigital are our go to digital marketing agency. With the launch of our new website, we needed professional search engine optimisation advice as just having a new website isn’t enough in today’s competitive online marketplace. They provided us with an impressive digital strategy that encompassed a variety of techniques they have been using for SEO in Brisbane, the Sunshine and the Gold Coast with great success. They offer a local focus, but are helping clients from all over Australia and even some internationally.

When they started with us, the first job that needed immediate attention was our on-site SEO. Our web design team at Knight Media had done a great job on our site aesthetically, however there was still some room for improvement when it came to the site’s back-end cohesion with Google. The BrisDigital team worked closely with us to gain a greater understanding of our business goals and focused our keyword strategy around the jobs which added the greatest value to the Pesky Possum brand.

As our business continues to grow, we are constantly re-evaluating our online goals to make sure they align with our business goals. This whole process has been streamlined thanks to the team at BrisDigital who are always available to chat if you need some advice or guidance in the digital realm. Knowing that there is a competent local team ready to help with any online marketing based questions we may have is not only a comforting reassurance, but money well spent. They are always happy to drop by for a chat, and since they are local to Brisbane it’s extremely convenient for us.

Few other companies we have worked with before have lived up to the promises they make of online glory, and even fewer are as adept, transparent, and easy to work with as the team at Brisdigital. So if you are tired of your SEO campaign under-performing, or paying money to a faceless company every month for less than stellar results, give the guys at BrisDigital a call.  Their skills and experience with Google and online marketing can help your business become an authority in your field as well!