Suburb border of MiltonMilton is an inner city suburb of Brisbane, only 2 kilometers west of the CBD. It has two main roads running through it from the west, towards the city, Coronation Drive and Milton Road. It is also home to Brisbane’s biggest and most well-known sporting venue, Suncorp Stadium and the XXXX Brewery.

The suburb contains a mixtures of buildings, from the commercial offices that line the river along the city side of the suburb, to warehouses and light industry, to houses and apartments both old and new. Due to its central location more and more apartment buildings are being built in the area as the warehouses and light industry sell out and move to areas further away from the city. A cafe precinct exists along Park Road, between the two arterial roads that run through the suburb. This strip contains many high-end restaurants, cafes and retail outlets as well as some commercial workplaces. Pest control problems in the suburb can vary, although in general they are usually caused by Brisbane’s main offenders, cockroaches, rats, and mice.

Because of the high density of buildings in Milton, problems with animals that like dense bushland are fairly rare. While snakes, and turkeys can be found occasionally, sightings are rare. Bees and wasps are also not much of a cause for concern in the area, however possums do occasionally make their presence known. Like all other areas of Brisbane, cockroaches, rats, and mice can be a problem here when conditions are suitable for breeding and food sources can easily be found. Fleas and bed bugs can also occasionally be found here, possibly a problem brought in by the number of backpackers who visit and stay along the backpacker strip on Roma Street, just on the eastern border of the suburb.

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