Suburb boundary of AlbionAlbion lies around 6 kilometers North-northeast of the Brisbane CBD in the ward of Hamilton. The suburb contains a mix of housing styles, from older style wooden homes to modern brick houses, townhouses, and apartments. Because of the suburbs central position, and the growth of the whole Southeast corner of Queensland in general, the suburb is becoming more densely populated each year. New high-density apartment buildings are a common sight here and regular construction is ongoing. The increasing population in the area brings more rubbish and general waste, which create a hospitable environment for rats, mice, and cockroaches and can cause other pest control problems as well.

There are a number of commercial establishments along the Sandgate Road strip that runs through the middle of Albion. This includes the quite old and famous Albion Hotel. Many of the restaurants, cafes, and bars along this street could provide a perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests, especially if hygiene standards are not adhered to and regular pest control management is not implemented. These pests and their offspring may spread out onto neighbouring properties after population explosions cause food to become scarce.

Because of the density of the suburb and the distance from any major forest reserves, Albion does not generally have many problems with snakes, or turkeys, however possums can still be commonly found in the area building homes in the roof cavities of local homes. Spiders and ants can be considered pests across all areas of Southeast Queensland and Albion is no exception.

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